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January 6, 2010

Food Diary – Jan 5

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Breakfast: A bowl of Uncle Toby Plus Antioxidant Lift with skim milk at home, then 2 pieces of raisin toast with butter, and a skim cap at work
Lunch: Little Vienna Mojo Beef sandwich with brown bread (beef rissoles, tomato, lettuce, jalapeño, mayo), Coke Zero
Afternoon snack: Handfuls of fruit and nuts, skim cap
Dinner: Maple Mustard Pork Cutlets

This is one of my favourite dishes because it is so easy to make and so tasty. The baby spinach and bean mash works surprisingly well.

Evening snack: That’s when things fell apart …

Mr Curious gave me an enormous box of Guylian Sea Shells on Christmas.

I was planning to give myself a small sweet treat each evening by having one piece of seashell per night.

Well that didn’t work. The box was sitting there, calling for me, tempting me. And I succumbed. I ended up eating about 8! And that just made me want to eat more things, and I had gingle ale and some Jatz! There were no fruit left at home, only bad food 😦

So yesterday was a bad day. I bought some strawberries and mango today so I have something to snack on. I bought a big tub of ice cream and I’m not going to have any! *resolve*



  1. Suggestion:
    Put the box of chocolates somewhere that is not convenient. After dinner, get it out and put 2 or 3 pieces on a plate. Put the box back. Tell somebody that you are only going to eat those on the plate.

    And then don’t get the box down again….

    Comment by dressingmyself — January 6, 2010 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

    • Thanks for the suggestion! Yes the chocolate was on the sofa looking at me last night … not very helpful!

      Comment by Ms Curious — January 6, 2010 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

  2. Or take them to work and make all the people there eat them! It worked with my Christmas cookies!

    Comment by Kitty — January 7, 2010 @ 9:15 am | Reply

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