Confessions of a Curious Mind

January 12, 2010

Tidbits from our Launceston trip

We had a wonderful time on our holiday. Below are some highlights and observations.

1. The Little Guy was (mostly) great on the plane. I took him for a walk down the aisle on the flight back. His wonderful smile charmed all the passengers into playing with him. He had a great time playing with a young woman’s bracelets with hot pink rose beads.

The one time when he was unhappy was the descent on our way to Launceston. I forgot to take his sultanas out of his bag in the overhead locker and he cried the whole time until the plane landed. I will not forget again!

2. We stayed at the Country Club of Tasmania. I was expecting a posh establishment with immaculate greens and ladies sipping tea. Instead it is the premier gambling establishment in Launceston! I’m not a gambler so I didn’t try my luck on the pokies, the grounds are very nice though (there is an 18-hole golf course and a beautiful lake).

Lake at Country Club of Tasmania

3. The locals can make or break any holiday. On this front Launceston really delivers. Staff at the Club and all the people we came across were warm, friendly and extremely helpful. Another visit may be on the cards.

4. This trip was for a conference ran by Mr Curious’ employer and we only had an afternoon for sightseeing. We went to Cataract Gorge which was lovely. We didn’t go on the cable ride (a bit dangerous for the little guy as there was no belt, although there was no restriction to take babies on it), instead we had a pleasant walk on the trails. I was enjoying the views so much I didn’t even take a photo! The gorge is only 10 minutes’ drive from the CBD – it is wonderful to have a beautiful spot so close to the city.

Cataract Gorge suspension bridge

By njellis on

I found it interesting to see many people climbing off the fence and heading down to the rapids, swimming or relaxing on the rocks. Somehow I can’t see that happening in Sydney – there will be “No Climbing” signs everywhere. I really liked the sense of freedom and adventure I experienced there.

5. I didn’t maintain a food diary on the trip. My food consumption was OK given it was a holiday. I probably had too much carbs and dessert though. On Sunday we had a picnic lunch at the lake near the golf course. It is nice to have a picnic when someone else prepares the food and we don’t need to clean up afterwards!

It was a lovely trip and I felt recharged. Now it’s back to our regular scheduled program … until we head down to Melbourne for the Australian Open on the 23rd. Looking forward to it!


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