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January 4, 2010

The last breastfeed

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This is not the first mothering post I envisaged but reality intervenes sometimes!

A milestone occurred last night. I gave The Little Guy (“TLG”) his last breastfeed.

I have been breastfeeding TLG from birth. I can hardly remember the first breastfeed I gave him, when he about about an hour old. What I do remember is the agony of engorgement (when the milk came in and the breasts went rock hard for a few days) and the constant pain of cracked nipples in the first weeks. It was like scratching a wound every 3 – 4 hours so it was raw all the time! At that point I couldn’t imagine how I could enjoy breastfeeding.

Fortunately, soon TLG learnt to suckle better and I have good milk supply. He is a very efficient drinker and a feeding session is usually over in 10 – 15 minutes, and I only need to give him one breast most of the time. I know many mothers who have difficulties with breastfeeding, from low milk supply to mastitis. I am very thankful that my run was so smooth, and I loved the convenience of it. Of course it was still tough waking up multiple times during the night to feed him, I was walking around like a zombie most of the time.

I didn’t think about breastfeeding as a special bonding moment … until after we started feeding him solids and he took less milk per feed. It occurred to me that he was no longer completely dependent on me for his nutrition, and that made me a bit sad. Maybe “sad” is not the right word, it’s a feeling of letting something go …

I started cutting back on his feeds in November – from 4 to 2 that month, and I cut the morning feed on Christmas Eve. He was fine after each cut. He was eating very well by then so I know nutritionally he was well covered.

I thought the feed before bed will be the hardest to cut because it is part of a bedtime routine (bath – milk – storytime – bed) and he may be upset if he doesn’t get “mummy’s boobie juice”.

We started giving TLG cow’s milk to drink during the day in the last week and he was drinking well. So on Saturday night I asked Mr Curious to give him warm milk at bedtime. And he was OK! According to Mr Curious he was only sipping at first, but after a while he realised that it was the only milk he was going to get so he drank the whole thing.

That could’ve been it, but I wasn’t quite ready to stop yet. The decision to give him cow’s milk on Saturday night was a bit impromptu, and I wanted to do it one last time, to enjoy the intimacy of it and to give it a proper farewell. Plus my boob was pretty full!

So I gave TLG one last breastfeed last night. I closed my eye for a while to enjoy the sensation, and told him that it was a pleasure to provide for him in the last 11-odd months. And then he came off the boob and it was over. I gave him a big hug, then resumed the bedtime routine.

Looking back, I’m very proud of my achievements. I am so glad that I was able to give TLG such a special gift.

So farewell to my maternity bras, Bonds maternity singlets and Henley tees. You’ve served me well. And it is kind of nice to have “the ladies” to myself again … well to Mr Curious too I guess ;-).

P.S. The logo at the top of this post is an international breastfeeding symbol promoted by You can read more about the design here.

P.P.S. I am firmly in support of mothers’ choice in feeding their baby, whether it is breastfeeding or bottlefeeding. Unfortunately many people are very judgemental one way or another. Let’s hope those attitudes change soon!


Food Diary – Jan 3

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Need to write this earlier because I forgot about what I ate fairly quickly.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of white hi-fibre toast with butter and strawberry jam
Lunch: Noodles with fish & tofu balls in fish broth. The Little Guy loved slurping the noodles!
Afternoon snack: Cherries, then later a choc chip muesli bar, was really hungry because we didn’t have dinner until after 8pm
Dinner: Plan was to make chicken wrapped in bacon but the chicken has gone off, so Mr Curious made an omelette with grape tomatoes, capsicum, onion, bacon and cheese. Not quite as good as the one from Ripples but still very nice. Dessert was another slice of the Bacio.
Evening snack: None, wanted to have some rockmelon again but Mr Curious talked me out of it. Didn’t suffer any ill effects.
Beverages: Mostly water but had one ginger ale.

Another good day – I’m happy to keep my diet at this level for a while and see if it makes any difference. I don’t believe in fad/non-sustainable diets, and I don’t believe in starving myself. Although when cutting down food intake I think there is a short period of hunger before the body adjusts to having less food for fuel, and I’m OK with that.

And a short note on my weight. I couldn’t resist the temptation of stepping on the scales again and in the last 2 days my weight was around the 73.5kg mark. Not quite sure why that was the case, probably just less water in my sister, but that may need to be my new baseline rather than 75kg.

January 3, 2010

Food Diary – Jan 2

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Breakfast: See previous post
Lunch: Leftover from lunch yesterday – 1 sausage sizzle
Afternoon snack: Cherries, sharing with The Little Guy
Dinner: Too lazy to cook (spent the afternoon cooking for The Little Guy plus made Mr Curious a burger for lunch) so Mr Curious made jaffles with ham, cheese and tomato, followed by a small slice of Bacio Dolce Panettone – leftover from Christmas.

Evening snack: A bit hungry so had 3 slices of rockmelon

Pretty happy with that, I could have easily eaten a big chunk of the panettone or some other “bad food” when I was hungry around 9pm, however I resist the temptation even if it meant going to bed hungry.

January 2, 2010

Breakfast – Ripples at Chowder Bay

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We took advantage of the nice morning weather and headed for an outdoor breakfast. Our destination was Ripples at Chowder Bay, Mosman.

We arrive around 9:30am and the outdoor section was almost full; we grabbed one of the last tables available.

The waitress promptly bought us glasses of water (a tick for service, although it should be a given at any restaurant) and we placed our drinks order. A skinny cappuccino for me and an orange juice for Mr Curious.

The cappuccino (Karmee coffee, $3.80) was strong but smooth. The orange juice was disappointing though, it came in a 330ml glass with lots of ice, it wasn’t freshly squeezed and the price was $5.80.

A few reviews at eatability said that the service is a bit slow, and it proved to be the case this morning. I don’t think it is the fault of the wait staff, it just took the kitchen a long time to prepare the dishes. We waited about ½ hour for our food order.

I resisted the temptation of a hot breakfast and ordered a Ripples toasted muesli with poached pear and yoghurt ($10).

The muesli was a good mixture of grain, fruit (apricot, figs etc) and nuts. The pear was nicely poached and not too sweet. I would have preferred an extra dollop of yoghurt but that’s a personal preference as I like the muesli moist. The waitress gave me a small jug of milk to pour into the muesli but I needed another one to finish the muesli.

Mr Curious ordered a ham, smoked mozzarella & roasted cherry tomato omelette ($15).

Mr Curious gave me a bite and it was one of the better omelettes I’ve had. The outside was almost crispy and the inside was moist and runny. I don’t usually like cheese in my omelette but the mozzarella was not overpowering and complemented the rest of the omelette.

The view over Chowder Bay is lovely – perfect for a day like today.

Overall it was an enjoyable breakfast. We are trying to find a location to celebrate The Little Guy’s first birthday and this is a good candidate, as there is a large playground at Clifton Gardens nearby where we can go after lunch. The long wait for food is a concern – I wonder if we can pre-order and request for the food to come as soon as we arrive?

Ripples at Chowder Bay
Deck C, Building 7, Chowder Bay Road, Mosman
9960 3000

Ms Curious

Food diary – Jan 1

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Let’s get the first one out of the way.

Breakfast – 2 pieces of toast with butter and strawberry jam, cherries
Lunch – sausage sizzle: 2 lamb and rosemary sausages, onion and tomato sauce
Dinner – scotch fillet steak, potato mash, dutch carrots and broccoli
Beverages – a gingle ale, lots of water

Pretty heavy food, but the sausages and the steaks were bought beforehand. And I didn’t have any naughty snacks.

January 1, 2010

The “Before” Stats

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I have now weighed and measured myself. Let’s say I’m still in shock!

Before I post the figures, here’s a little history about my weight. From sometime in high school to my late-twenties my weight had been around the 72kg mark. At 170cm I was a bit overweight. During that period my exercise levels ranged from avid bushwalker, Body Pump class regular to couch potato, but the weight didn’t vary much. Most of my friends at that point are fairly slim so it dragged down by confidence a touch, but thankfully it was never a major issue for me.

The first material change in my weight was in February 2006. My wedding was 8 months away and like any bride-to-be, I wanted to look good on the day. So I was determined to lose some weight. I didn’t have a grand plan, from recollection I was to continue exercising, cut down on snacks and control portion sizes.

Then the strangest thing happen, my weight started to fall before I really tried. It went down to 65kg and I was stoked. I was a size 10 for the first time since I became an adult.

I managed to keep most of the weight off too, only fluctuating within a narrow band.

All that changed when I became pregnant in mid-2008. Weight gain is normal during pregnancy of course but I gained over 25kg which was definitely not normal!

The weight slowly dropped off in the course of the last year (breastfeeding helped, also I went to a personal trainer once a week), I was down to 72kg by late October.

Things went south on our November Fiji trip. With heavy food and zero exercise my weight loss stopped. And last month … the less said about it the better :LOL:

So here it goes: My current weight is 75kg (average over 4 weigh-ins). According to the scales 31.3% of my weight is fat. Yikes!

And my measurements are equally depressing (in cm).

Bust – 95
Just below bust – 81
Waist – 87 (aghhh!)
Hips – 103
Left bicep – 29
Left thigh – 60

Well, knowing this certainly stopped me from indulging on sweets today. I can’t let it get any worse, that’s for sure!

My plan is the same as last time. Cut down on fatty food and snacks, eat reasonable portions, and resume exercising. I’m thinking about seeing a nutritionist to get some advice on the food part of the equation, and with the exercise I have to find a way to fit it into my schedule.

I’ll maintain a food and exercise diary on this blog to keep myself accountable.

My goal is to get back down to 65kg by the end of June. 10 kg in 6 months is definitely doable.

Wish me luck!

Ms Curious

Happy New Year and Welcome

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New Year’s Eve 2009 – 003, originally uploaded by dr.r.lam on flickr.

Welcome to my new blog.

First of all, some info about me. I’m:

• in my mid-thirties
• partner of Mr Curious for 6+ years and wife for 3+ years
• mum of The Little Guy, who is turning 1 in 2 weeks
• working part time at The Company
• a Pieces
• a daydreamer
• a food lover
• curious about life and the world (thus the blog title)

I blogged a few times before but the blogs were topic-specific and I ran out of things to say after a while. So this blog is going to be freeform – from happenings and observations of my life as a woman/wife/mum/citizen of the world, my new purchases, reviews, to completely random thoughts that come into my mind way too often.

I’m also going to use this blog to hold myself accountable to my new year live healthy plan. Yes, 50%+ of the population vow to lose weight/exercise/go on a diet in the new year but promptly forget about it. I don’t want to be part of that statistics.

So later today I’m going to weigh and measure myself and post the figures up here! And I will do so every 2 weeks. Hopefully the numbers will come down in due course. I may take some “before” photos as well but for your benefit I will keep those to myself 😆

Wishing you all a great 2010.

Yours sincerely
Ms Curious

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